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Tomato Concasse


Fresh Tomatoes


1. Score bottom of tomatoes with a knife in an “X” (for easier peeling).

2. Blanch tomatoes
   A. Bring pot of water to boil then reduce heat to maintain a slow boil.
   B. Make an ice water bath for shocking.
     1. In large combine ice with enough water to cover ice, ensuring there is enough room for tomatoes to be completely submerged.
   C. Submerge tomatoes for approximately 15 seconds in boiling water then transfer immediately to ice water bath.
    * This process may need to be done in batches to ensure the tomatoes are completely submerged in ice water bath.

3. Remove top then peel skin off of tomatoes beginning from where the “X” was made.

4. Cut tomatoes in half and remove all seeds (seeds have an undesirable bitter flavor).

5. Chop tomatoes into desired dimensions.