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Hollandaise Sauce Recipe


1 cup + 5 Tbs.   Butter
3          Egg yolks
3 Tbs.        Cold water
1 Tbs.        Lemon juice


1. Clarify butter. (yield: approximately 1 cup)
  a. In sauce pan over low heat, melt butter until it seperates, ensuring it doesn't burn.
  b. Remove from heat and skim fat off the top.
  c. Ladle out the clarified butter that is sitting on top of the water that was conained in the butter.
  d. Set aside and keep warm.

2. Make sabayon. (cook time: approximately 2 minutes)
  a. Combine yolks and cold water in sauce pan with sloping sides
  b. Whisk until light and frothy
  c. Over medium heat whisk rapidly until volume triples. Keep whisking and when yolks start to stiffen whisk rapidly for 5 more seconds over heat.
  d. Remove from heat and continue whisking for approximately 20 seconds to cool the sabayon.

3. Combine clarified butter and sabayon by stirring sabayon with whisk and fairly quickly pooring in the clarified butter.

4. Gradually and gently stir in lemon juice in increments tasting after each addition until desired taste is reached.