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Espagnole Sauce


  ¾ cup     Butter
  ¾ cup     Flour
  6 qt       Brown stock
* 2 2/3 oz     Lean, unsalted pork breast, finely chopped
  4 ½ oz     Carrot, diced
  2 2/3 oz      Onion, diced
  3 sprigs       Thyme
  1       Bay leaf
  2 oz        White wine
  2 cups       Tomato puree  (optional)

*This is an unsalted unsmoked cut of bacon and can be substituted with blanched bacon

cook time: 
5 hrs
special equipment: 

metal sieve, cheesecloth


1. Bring 4 qt of the stock to a simmer.

2. Make a brown roux (while stock is coming to temperature).
   A. Over medium heat combine butter and flour.
  *B. While constantly stirring, cook roux until dark brown .

3. Over low heat combine stock with roux and skim regularly. (Ensure that stock does not boil)

4. Make wine and aromatic reduction.
  A. In separate pan, sweat pork until fat starts to render.
  B. Sweat the diced vegetables, thyme, and bay leaves until softened.
  C. Deglaze with wine and reduce by half.

5. Add reduction to thickened stock and simmer for one hour, skimming regularly.

6. Strain then reduce additional 1 qt of stock for 2 hours (continue to skim).

7. Add remaining 1 qt of stock and optional tomato puree, simmer for one hour (continue to skim), strain over cheesecloth in sieve.

*(approximately 45 minutes to an hour)